The following are questions we frequently here from clients and potential clients. We've provided our answers to help you make your important decisions.

Q. I'm new to town. How should I go about looking for an Accountant that will meet my needs?
A. Asking co-workers in the office is always a good idea. If you don't have a job yet, or are a self-proprietor, this isn't an option. You can always look through the phone book, but the risks here are numerous and obvious. Your best bet is to find a way to quickly and easily gather as much information as possible about available accountants. The internet is the way to do that, facilitated through industry-specific search engines, such as AccountantsWorld.

Q. I'm planning to buy a house in the Bristol area. Should I live in Tennessee or Virginia?
A. Generally, it doesn't matter. Tennessee has no income tax, but has higher property taxes, insurance premiums, and a higher sales tax than Virginia. Your best bet is to locate the house and the neighborhood you want to live in, and go for that. You'll be happier in the long run.

Q. I own a small business, and I know there are lots of tax implications involved. Is your firm knowledgable of the small business tax code?
A. Absolutely. We specialize in small-to-medium business accounting, auditing, and tax preparation. Our office has numerous, long-time business clients throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, and is well-versed in the different state and federal laws.

Q. I just need to file an individual return. Is it worth it to hire a professional accountant to do this?
A. That depends on your situation. Many simple individual returns aren't so simple. Itemized deductions can be particularly confusing, and the laws are constantly changing. Our fees are customary with local standards, and all returns are double-checked by a professional CPA. You have to decide if the peace of mind, plus your time savings, is worth a few extra dollars.